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Why did Bombay become Mumbai? - Slate Magazine- babyluierfabrikanten in mumbai, VS. ,Dec 01, 2008·Last week, India’s financial capital, Mumbai, was rocked by a large-scale terrorist attack. In an “Explainer” column published in July 2006, Christopher Beam described how the city formerly ...Mumbai - WikipediaMumbai of Moembai (Marathi: मुंबई Mumbaī [ˈmumbəi], tot 1996 amptelik Bombay) is die hoofstad van die Indiese deelstaat Maharashtra en die Indiese subkontinent se belangrikste seehawe. Met 'n bevolking van 12,5 miljoen in die stadsgebied (volgens die laaste sensus van 2011 en sonder periferiese voorstede) is Mumbai die grootste stedelike nedersetting in Indië en een van die ...

"Mumbai" vs "Bombay": Which is more socially appropriate ...

Mar 08, 20·Mumbai connotes public purpose, Bombay private gain. In government meetings, senior mandarins censure Bombay slips of tongue. But the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry refuses to go by Mumbai and will refrain for another generation, its president, Ashwini Kakkar, said. Mumbai is what you write, Bombay what you say.

Difference between Mumbai and Bombay | Mumbai vs Bombay

Mumbai is the birthplace of Indian cinema, known lovingly as Bollywood, and has a thriving ‘theatre movement’ tradition in Marathi, Hindi, English and other regional languages. From the beginning of the 21st century, Mumbai has suffered several terrorist attacks, as well as riots, which have resulted in a loss of number of lives and property.

What's new in Mumbai? | CNN Travel

Apr 05, 2011·Mumbai's secret scouters of cool bring you the best of what's new and undiscovered. Right now, it's dhansak home delivery and a Belgian patisserie launch. By Kanika Parab and Mansi Poddar 5 April, 2011 . Just Around the Corner's new avatar.

What Mumbai Is Famous For, 22 Things Mumbai Is Famous For

Apr 18, 2018·Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and that comes as no surprise because there’s so much to do here. Whether it’s catching the morning sunset on one of the beautiful promenades or unwinding at one of the city’s part spots in the evening, Mumbai …

A Brief History Of How Bombay Became Mumbai

Sep 19, 2016·Regardless, ‘Mumbai’ is said to already have been in use in the 16th century by the local Koli fisher-folk community. It is considered to have been derived from the name of the Koli goddess Mumbadevi, considered to be the city’s patron deity and Aai (mother). And so some Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, and Kannada speakers had been referring to the city as Mumbai even though it was Bambai …

Mumbai - Wikipedia

Mumbai (/ m ʊ m ˈ b aɪ /; eisini kendur sum Bombay, ið var almenna navnið til 1995 er høvuðsstaður í indiska stakríkinum Maharashtra í Vesturindia. Í Mumbai býi búgva fleiri enn 12,5 mió. fólk, ið ger býin til størsta bý í India eftir fólkatalinum. Í stórbýarøkinum Mumbai búgva 18,5 milliónir, og um øll regiónin verður tald við, so kemur fólkatalið upp um 20 ...

The Best Souvenirs You Can Take Home From Mumbai, India

Apr 20, 2017·This place is the ultimate souvenir store for all things Mumbai. Founded in 1906 to promote Indian made goods during the anti-colonial Swadeshi movement, The Bombay Store is today a huge chain with all sorts of items from Pashmina shawls and brass statues to local fragrances. You can visit the chain’s flagship store in Fort or one of its many other outlets spread throughout the city.

Sinds 2000, aan het begin van de nieuwe eeuw (2000), heeft AoGrand Group Jiangsu AoGrand Group Inc. Dit hotel ligt in Nanjing, de hoofdstad van tien dynastieën in de Chinese geschiedenis, en biedt een weids uitzicht over het terrein. Oost-Chinese Zee ...

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